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Amphenol Griffith Enterprises products are developed and manufactured using a proprietary process known as Manufacturing Assembly Plans (MAPs).  We work closely with customers to create MAPs that clearly define cost-effective manufacturing processes that lead to high product quality and replicable consistency.  Our major production stations include:


ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY: ESD-controlled workstations equipped with soldering irons, air ionizers and heat sinks, wire-cutting, stripping, bending tools, and conformal coating appliances per J-STD/IPC 610.



HARNESSES & CABLE ASSEMBLIES: Workstations designed to manufacture cable assemblies.  Customized jogs and layouts ensure proper harness configuration.



ELECTRICAL TESTING: Workstations equipped with test devices made in-house.  Full complement of electrical and electronic test equipment that is certified and traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology.



ENGINEERING SUPPORT SERVICES: Performs harness, over-braiding, strain relief, and encapsulation processes utilizing cross-linked polymers materials.  Encapsulation molds are created in-house.



MACHINE SHOP: In-house facility to fabricate custom tools and jigs necessary to manufacture customer products.



QUALITY ASSURANCE: All products are tested to ensure specification compliance and performance.  We hold numerous certifications and qualifications, including: AS9100, ISO9001, MIL-STD-2000, J-STD-001, IPC 610, NASA-STD-8739-3, and NHB5300.

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